Places to Visit

Here's a list of Mag's favourite places, you might like to visit them too!

Wigan Warriors : Mags is their #1 fan!
The Tigger Pages : Everything to do with Tigger!
All About Penguins : Learn about real penguins
Penguin Place : Lots of toy penguins here
Pingu   Pingu the penguin : For sending e-cards to friends & loved ones : 'Cos every good wordsmith needs a dictionary & thesaurus : Also great for wordsmiths!
Family Guy : One of Mag's fav TV programmes
Little Britain : Another firm favourite
CSI : Can't forget this one!
The A-Team Shrine : An oldie but a goodie
The Delaney Family : Oh no! Another Margaret Delaney!
Murray Moffatt : Murray's little place on the web