Casa Del Mags

Things about Mags Delaney
(In her own words – taken from an email survey - "Get to know your friends")

Best Friend(s)? Pat, Jane, Linzi, Caroline, Susie Sue, Marg, *Murray.
Dumbest Friend? Don't have any - they are all highly intelligent human beings - well they've chosen me as a friend!!!
Funniest Friend(s)? They all make me smile and laugh…
Smartest Friend? They are all smart, see above!!
Shyest Friend? Depends on the situation and how much alcohol flows… it's usually me who is the shyest!!! (honest!!).
Who Do You Get Advice From? Depends what about, but all my friends give advice and support in some way.
Despise? Arrogance.
About You
Middle Name? Mary.
Favourite Cuisine? Vegetarian
Foods You Dislike? Parsnips… the devil's vegetable!!!
Favourite Crisps? Salt and vinegar but don't have a particular brand…
Your Car? Seat Ibiza.
Favourite Sandwich? Toast (does that count?).
Height? 5ft 5 and a half (and that half is SOOO important!!).
Righty / Lefty? Righty.
Eye Colour? Bluey/green.
Shoe Size? 5.
Pets? None - unless you count my colony of penguins!!
Brothers/Sisters Names? All sisters - Berni, Angela, Tricia.
Liked a Teacher? Miss Webster at junior school could be held responsible for getting me to where I am now - I so wanted to be like her…
Have You Ever…
Laughed So Hard You Wet Your Pants? Nope - laughing too hard has been known to bring on an asthma attack tho!!
Ate a Tub of Ice Cream? Yep - cookies and cream/malteaser/marks 'n sparks crunchy chocolate… mitigating circumstances involving men!!
Ran into a Glass Door? Nope.
Ran into a Parked Car? Nope.
When it comes to Men…
Boxers or Briefs? Boxers (*actually both!)
Six-pack or Muscular? Don't mind
Body or Personality? Both! – it's all right having something nice to look at but I like to talk sometimes…
Sporty or Outdoorsy? Breathing !!!
Good Guy or Bad Guy? Good Guys - shame they are so few in number!!
Light Hair or Dark Hair? Big passion for gingers… but no preference for either light or dark.
Hat or No Hat? I think I prefer them hat less - look less gormless…
Tan or No Tan? Have no preference… milk bottle white are currently lighting my candle tho!!!
Which One is Better?
Diamonds or Pearls? Pearls.
Coke or Pepsi? Vodka!
Burger King or McDonalds? Neither - I am veggie…
Cats or Dogs? I like em both - but am very allergic to cats and the only dog I'm 'with' at the mo is Sam (*written before Sam went to the big kennel in the sky… Freddie holds the doggie love place at the mo…)
Coffee or Tea? Tea - or Latte!!
Sour or Sweet? Sweet.
Vanilla or Chocolate? Vanilla Chocolate!
Lights On or Off? Off.
Ocean or Pool? Ocean.
Winter or Summer? Winter - only when its crisp and dry. Summer is hay fever hell!!
Your Favourite..
TV Show? CSI but I'm a new convert to Most Haunted lol! (*also Family Guy and Little Britain)
Food? Banoffee Pie… (*Marg makes the BEST one on the planet!)
Drink? Voddy and cranberry, dandelion and burdock (ice cold!)
Animal? Penguins!!
Language? English. (*But she loves showing off the bits of other languages that she learns!)
Quote? "Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it".
Song? The Look of Love by ABC (amongst loads of others… depends on my mood really!)
Radio Station? Radio5Live - or Radio 2 for the Saturday comedy hour!!
Place? The seaside or up high somewhere close to nature and peace…
Random Questions
Define True Love: Is there a definition?!?!? Finding someone who you love and they love you forever - where there's ultimate trust, respect and partnership…
Where were You Born? Ince (in my Nans back bedroom!!)
Favourite Day of the Week? Friday - well it heralds the weekend!!
Favourite Item of Clothing? My Tigger jim jams…
If could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would you go? Australia and New Zealand.
Your Bathroom Colour? Champagne (a sort of greeny beige!)
Fave Brand of Clothing? Total lable ignoramous.
Favourite Time of Day? When I'm asleep! cos its not very often!
Your Most Memorable Birthday? The last one… well I'm getting so old now I can only remember the last one!

* Known facts – added by Marg

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